XBOX One, PS4, are SONY and Microsoft even listening?

OK, I’m feeling a bit silly today so this post may not make the most sense but after waiting for both SONY and Microsoft to reveal their consoles and being mostly disappointed by both companies, I can’t wait any longer to rant yet again!

The Show & Tell spiels were disappointing from both companies and the hardware presented isn’t as mind-blowing as either company would like me to believe. I probably will however find myself buying both, you heard me right… both, consoles if only for one thing: Exclusives!

And… that’s not a good thing because it basically means that just like the previous console generation, I’ll be buying my consoles based on exclusives rather than brand-loyalty or any factual advantages one console may have its competitors’.

Why do I care then about what SONY and Microsoft have to say if I’m making my purchases based on the exclusivity of game titles? Because I do want to believe! I do want SONY and Microsoft to try and do things that excite me as a Gamer. So, here’s a list of some things I think the big companies could do for me so I’d feel compelled to believe they’re actually listening to what I want rather than recycling existing ideas and bundling them into their boxes!

  1. Research and Develop both Hardware and Software solutions to allow the Game Console to support Voice Overs in games so that every game developer can created VO’s for games without a recording studio, even independent developers!
  2. Add support for Role Playing Games so that Non Playable Characters could finally be given dynamic voices with which they would pronounce My Characters’ name in a voiced-over dialog. Want to impress me? Don’t show me how razor-sharp your next Call of Duty is going to look… show me just one Soldier who on his dying breath says my name and makes my character promise to avenge him!
  3. What’s common to Hitman Absolution, Little Big Planet and Infamous 2? User Generated Content! Show me, oh mighty SONY and glorious Microsoft how your next gen consoles are going to support UGC on the Cloud and in your Hardware so that every game can have some sort of UGC without a dev-studio having to re-invent such systems for every game they make!
  4. And my final point… You’ve got KINECT and MOVE… so why not add this into a fully-fledged Console-based and Cloud-supported development environment so that Gamers could make their own games? Imagine gamers recording their movements and voices, to create cut-scenes in games of their own making? Imagine being able to share your games with your friends?

The only problem I see with following my advice is that probably once we have such a console, gamers wouldn’t need any other consoles ever developed and then what would SONY and Microsoft sell us? Right? 😉

In any case, I’m going to continue gaming on my PC rather than either my PS3 (a.k.a Netflix & Bluray box) or my XBOX 360 because I finally connected my PC to the same Big Screen HDTV my XBOX is on!

As always, thanks for reading and even more so for commenting! 😀


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